Supper Club

Not all fine dining experiences require white linens


step outside your comfort zone

Join Alexandra and some soon to be friends for an evening where each course reflects the land, fresh bread lines the tables, vintage plates wait patiently for food and the cutlery doesn’t match.


Each dinner reflects the current season

Step out of your comfort zone on a nice day and have a fine dining picnic with a mug of your favourite wine. Take a seat at Alex’s table she built with local wood gathered from fallen trees from the island. Cozy up next to the fire with a blanket as the snow falls outside the window. Find a new perspective on comfort at Alder Cottage.

Our Supper Club was created to bring together a group of people who have a passion for food and unique experiences. Who love to explore new things, meet new people and get lost in the moment no matter where you may end up. Socializing is a large part of dining so we hope to encourage people to step away from the gossip of everyday life and replace it with new conversations that welcomes the person next to you to join in effortlessly. Pack your favourite drinks, cozy sweater and camera before walking out the door! You’ll be picked up in front of The Merchant Tavern at 5:30 PM where our drivers will meet you to bring you to our dinner party. Once everyone arrives we’ll have a drink and get to know each other before finding our seats to settle in for a memorable experience. As the evening winds down anyone who’s returning back to the city will get dropped off at the same location they’ve been picked up to continue their night. If you’d rather pitch a tent or get an Airbnb close by please get in touch and we’ll help you extend your experience into the next day! Each guest will contribute $150 toward the evening to make these moments possible.

December Dinner 14th 2019
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